I am a Software Engineer running for Congress in Wisconsin's Third congressional District. I would rather lose telling the truth about what I believe rather than win by telling people what I think they want to hear. That said I think people will like these ideas. I want Medicare for all, ranked choice voting, free public education through college and beyond, workplace democracy, money out of politics, a green new deal, abolish ICE, abolish the NSA, and to abolish the CIA.


Medicare for All

In the US we have a problem; sometimes our homes catch on fire. We have firefighters to rely on when this happens but someone has to pay their wages and fire trucks. How do we pay for our fire departments? By charging large fees to people who's homes have burned? No, that would be insane. Everyone pays for the fire department in their taxes and everyone gets the fire department's services when they need it. That way the cost of fires is spread around to everyone.

In the US we have a problem; sometimes we get sick or injured. We have doctors to rely on when this happens but someone has to pay their wages and medical equipment. How do we pay for our healthcare system? By charging large fees to people who get sick or injured. That's insane. Everyone should pay for our healthcare system in their taxes and get healthcare services when they need it. That way the cost of healthcare is spread around to everyone.

In a single payer medicare for all system instead of paying an insurance premium and co-pays to a for profit company that is incentivized to over charge and under pay out, you pay a smaller amount into medicare and you can go to the doctor as you need without owing the hospital a dime.

Ranked Choice Voting

I want to destroy the two party system. The Republican and Democratic parties are corporations with no legal obligation to hold fair primaries. This gives the two parties near total control over who gets elected to any political office. The only way to break this system is to let voters rank their choices on a ballot from 1st to last. This eliminates the spoiler effect from third party candidates and allows third parties to actually work in the US.

Watch the video below to learn how ranked choice voting works.

Free Public Education

We have free public elementary school, free public middle school, and free public high school. Extending that free public education though college alone is too moderate for me, we need free public education at all levels through college, including getting a PhD, and medical school.


As automation continues it becomes increasingly difficult to produce value through blue collar work. If we expect the economy to serve everyone then we must prioritize maximizing the value every individual can produce through their work.

Workplace Democracy

People have a right to vote and that includes a vote over how their workplace is run. Workers aren't going to vote to outsource their own jobs just because labor is cheaper in another country. Workers aren't going to vote to see their own jobs replaced by machines making shareholders more money. They may instead vote to use machines to reduce the total workload so the same work can be done in shorter work days.

I want to see every company operated like a worker cooperative where all the workers vote and the usage of the profits is decided democratically. On the way to achieving this goal I am willing to compromise to some percentage of employee elected board members on companies and some degree of profit sharing with employees.

Money Out of Politics

There is no correlation between how popular a policy idea is with how likely it is to be enacted by the US government. That's because our political system is not controlled by the people, it is controlled by money. The Supreme Court case 'Citizens United' decided that corporations are allowed to throw as much money into the political system to elect their chosen candidates as they want. This was a terrible mistake and should be repealed by any means including by constitutional amendment if necessary.


While getting rid of Citizens United would be a great success for american democracy it wouldn't be enough. Money in politics was a problem before and would continue to be a problem after. The best solution to money in politics is to do public funding of elections. This would mean that every candidate in a race would get an equal amount of campaign funds to use.

Green New Deal

Climate change is the greatest threat the world has ever faced. We need a New Deal sized effort to fight it. That means building solar panels, wind turbines, geothermal power, hydroelectric dams, and nuclear power plants. Investing in this infrastructure is a double benefit. We get clean power, and we employ everyone in the country who wants a job with a job that actually pays more than enough to live.

Abolish ICE

ICE was created in 2002, not to patrol the border but to be another federal law enforcement agency with a focus on immigration law. ICE is currently running concentration camps filled with people, many of whom are in the US legally seeking asylum. Not that it matters why a person is in a concentration camp, if they were all here illegally it would still be every bit as wrong. ICE must be abolished and its members who have committed crimes should be prosecuted for those crimes.

Abolish the NSA

The NSA has been committing illegal spying on Americans for decades using the PATRIOT ACT as justification. They have put dangerous secret backdoors in software by issuing secret court orders to programmers. The PATRIOT ACT is illegal, get rid of it. The NSA is a criminal organization, get rid of it and close all the software backdoors they had created.

Further reading: https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2014/may/20/why-did-lavabit-shut-down-snowden-email

Abolish the CIA

The CIA overthrew a democratically elected government in Iran in 1953 and replaced it with a brutal dictator loyal to the US. The CIA committed similar crimes in Syria, Guatemala, Indonesia, Congo, Brazil, Vietnam, Greece, Bolivia, Chile, El Salvador and Nicaragua. This is why much of the world does not like or trust the United States. They don't hate us for our 'freedoms', they hate us for killing them with the CIA. Abolishing the CIA and putting those in the agency responsible for crimes against humanity on trial is the least we can do to make amends.